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Friday, August 14, 2009

Miley Cyrus aka The Teen Whore

Once again Miley Cyrus shows how much she is "worth". It amuses me how middle aged women, especially the once who praise Oprah, go crazy when the is a slip up at The Super Bowl Half Time Show, but when there is something like Miley around that little children adore, everything is Okay. FYI The American Football is a -Man- sport, where players get hit and crazy/cool stuff happens. Ant when its The Super Bowl, which is only once a year, it is okay to have a nip/slip, or have Prince in a crazy pose. The girl first had nude pics spilled into the internet now she shows off her stripper moves. Look at the audience, the oldest kid probably is NOT a high school student. Now, why middle aged women don't protest that, and don't petition to Nickelodeon and other kid networks to ban her. Is this the type of "Idol" you want your kids to look up to?, a mini stripper and God know what else she is.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LeBron James getting dunked on

BIG DEAL, First of all, he is NOT "A King", just a regular player like the rest. A King is someone like Michael Jordan, who has won title after title not to mention the break from NBA that he took, came back, and still won titles. If he thinks just because Nike made those clips with the James and Bryant puppets and because he got lucky with that last second three point shot against the Orlando Magic that he is "The King" he is terribly wrong. To be a King you not only have to have skills but you MUST be a disciplined person, and by walking out on the Magic after they won and declining press conference he dropped really, really low in my eyes and the eyes of many other fans of The NBA. James has to stop with the little pre-school girlie wining and grow a pair and start acting like a man. Now I know why Justin Timberlake wrote that song -Cry me a river- it was for the -Cry Baby James-. I for one know 100% that will never cheer for him ("The King").

Thursday, May 07, 2009

ATI Wonder 650 USB - no point digital channels

I bought the ATI Wonder 650 USB, turns out I blew my money away. This tv tuner doesn't support the point (in between) channels like 5.2 or 9.32 or 50.1 Also I have called the ATI customer service, every time they take my question and tell me that they have to ask their tech specialist for the problem, and promise me that they will call me back, guess what, no call back at all. I am bringing the ATI tuner back to the store tomorrow and I am getting another one, from another company.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ATI TV Wonder HD 600 USB PC TV Tuner

First off, this receives only OVER-THE-AIR digital and HD signals/channels. So if you have any cable/satellite channels like ESPN HD or DISCOVERY (any non free/basic digital/HD channels) you WON'T be able to watch them with this USB Tuner, since they are not OVER-THE-AIR signals/channels.

On the other hand the ATI TV Wonder HD 600 USB Tuner is amazing, the quality of the channels is very very good (you also need an HD Graphic Card / Video card).

The bad think is that the remote doesn't have the numeric key pad on it, you browse trough the GUIDE.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

DTV Scam from DTV themselves

On March 5th 2009 I ordered a digital converter box (DCB) coupon from dtv2009.gov, I received it on March 31, 2009. Today April 2nd, 2009 I went to Fry's Electronics to buy a DCB and they said that the card was declined (I have never used the coupon before), the Fry's people said that that has happened many times, so I called the phone on the back of the DTV coupon/card. It turned out that the number on the back of the coupon 1-888-DTV-2009, is to order a coupon ONLY, PATHETIC BEYOND BELIEVE. So I called DTV Hotline and FCC Consumer Center: 1-888-CALLFCC, and after 28 minutes I got connected with (Nancy) after I explained my problem she said that this hotline doesn't handle that problem and hanged up on me. So now that I have order a coupon and got an (EMPTY) coupon, I can't order again. So some employee in this whole DTV program got $40 bucks just like that, and I got the middle finger. If anyone has the same problem please make your voice heard.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Law for attempst at taking drivers licence test

You know how every now and then your car insurance gets higher and higher, even if you are an angel on the road. Well part of the reason is people like this woman, now the scary part is that perhaps there are many others like her who have taken the test numerous times. In some cities like Los Angeles you can take the test in MANY languages, also in some parts of LA street signs are NOT in English. So my questions is, why in the world isn't there a law that limits people to take the test to say 5 times. Think about not only car insurance will be much cheaper but also in my opinion accidents on the road will decrease drastically.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do NOT rent with PBMMGMT

I am writing this to give you a valuable information for the times when you are looking to rent or buy an apartment with this company PBMMGMT aka PBM Quality Apt Homes. I have been a customer of theirs for year and half, and had lots of problems with them. When you rent/buy new place you expect that the place is vacant and it has been cleaned and whatever is being broken is fixed, right?, WRONG. When I moved in there were no light bulbs nor any shower head in the bathrooms, also a lot of the blinds were missing so I called them, and they did come to see the problem AFTER A WHOLE WEEK of waiting, and then they came to actually fix the problems, like I was lying to them. Their garage in underground, and because their DRAINS ARE CLOGGED, water doesn't drain, so you walk in knees high water to get to your car, so I complained, they NEVER CLEANED THE DRAINS OUT. Later on I lost hot water in one of the bathrooms, so I called, they came after 3 days, they checked and said that something was wrong with the pipes so they had to change them, well guess what, I DIDN'T HAVE HOT WATER FOR 5 MONTHS, I have bills from my phone company in which you can see how many times I have called them to come and fix it. So I finally fixed the problem and MOVED OUT.
Way too many problems with them to be just bad luck.
If you love/respect yourself and your money, my advice is DON'T WORK WITH THAT COMPANY.