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Sunday, October 06, 2013

LinkedIn is sneaky.

The popular business social media website LinkedIn is sneaky. How? Some people have e-mail address that they rarely check but use it for social networking websites so their personal email doesn’t get spammed with messages. If you add people as your connection from your email and this particular e-mail address is missing from your connection’s profile contact information LinkedIn adds it automatically, and next to this email address it will say that you have added it.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

AVG 2014 is a major software fail.

DO NOT USE AVG at all. 
I made the huge mistake to buy AVG 2014 Internet Security, now I can NOT eject any external drive. The only new thing on my computer is AVG 2014 IS, now I have two (2) damaged 1.5 TB hard drives full of data because I had to manually eject (pull the USB cable) I am a photographer and video producer, I LOST a lot of valuable files!. NO MORE AVG on any computer I can access. And I will tell my friends about this BS.

After writing a complaint on AVG's Facebook page, this is what I received in response.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Convert list of words into a paragraph using Microsoft Word.

Convert list of words into a paragraph using Microsoft Word.

For example you have the following list (below)


and you convert it into this - I love listening to music!

"Find and Replace" (CTRL + H)
"Replace" tab
Type ^p in the "Find what" field
Empty space (by clicking once the space bar) in the replace with field.
Then click on "Replace All"

Microsoft has corrupted Skype with ads viruses malware.

Every damn time I use Skype to talk with family and friends in Europe, my AVG Technologies Premium Security anti-virus program goes crazy with alerts that has blocked viruses. I am starting to get extremely irritated by the ads in #Skype. Thank you Microsoft for the #viruses treads, and the potential #security breaches. Spybot Search & Destroy doesn't like Skype either.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bye Bye Fruit Flies

We all have at least one fruit infestation a year especially during summer season.
Here is the recipe to getting rid of these pesky creatures.

1. Take a wide mouth jar and fill it half way (1/2) with apple cider vinegar (other types of vinegar will NOT work).
2. Add a few drops of dish soap, then fill the rest of the jar with water to the top.
3. Leave the jar open somewhere in the kitchen where you won't be moving it.
4. Enjoy the show!

Friday, September 06, 2013

How to remove/replace/ multiple characters/signs/symbol in Microsoft Office!

Here is how you can quickly replace or remove multiple characters/signs/symbol at once in any Microsoft Office product in any version.

While holding the CTRL key/button down press the H key/button down  CTRL + H
You should see a smaller "Find and Replace" window.Click on the "Replace" tab in the menu of the new smaller "Find and Replace" window.
In that "Replace" tab in the very top "Find What" drop down section  type the             
characters/signs/symbol that you want to be removed or replaced.
In the "Replace With" section write/type the substitute characters/signs/symbol, if you want to substitute with nothing (empty space), leave the "Replace With" field/section empty. 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Josi Kat is the new singer for CARRERA!

As most of good things that reside in Hollywood, Hollywood's sleaziest punk rock band CARRERA and singer Beth Fryman have parted ways. On September 17th the lead guitarist and the only remaining original member of the rock band  Ruby Carrera invites all oddities to the first band performance with new lead vocalist Josi Kat. Josi Kat is an internationally published alternative (ALT)/fetish/tattoo model, a singer for her very own punk band Piss Ant, and red carpet host for HIH Studios.. The show will be at the back patio of Boardner's By La Belle in West Hollywood, California. Guest performances by grinder DJ Dave Wave and sexy dance moves by the best ass in town Cat Ravyn. Metal/Rock band Evile Annie will be opening for Carrera. 

Show event page on Facebook at:
Carrera and Josi Kat

Here are 2 of the band studio photos Hristomir Hristov of HIH Studios has captured and edited.

Original poster/flyer for the event created by Hristomir Hristov of HIH Studios (including photography and graphics)

1652 N Cherokee Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028

Event special:
$5 Cover - FREE Before 10pm - 21+
2 for 1 DRINKS Boardner’s Patio

FREE street parking or $5 pay lots across the street

Boardner's By La Belle was established in 1942 and is the home of the B52 Club. The B52 night club is the mother ship of 6 of the most social clubs in West Hollywood and Los Angeles, On Mondays is the Blue Mondays an 80's music, on Tuesdays is Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (KKBB), Wednesdays is Club Moscow, Thursdays - The Jump OFF, on Fridays is My Castel a Hip Hop and Top 40's hosted by Djs Inferno of Power 106 & Irony of Latino 96.3 plus guest Djs, and on Saturdays is Bar Sinister most popular dark/alternative/underground/fetish gathering place to be in Hollywood.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Keyboard shortcuts for symbols!

Ever wondered how to make symbols on your computer keyboard? Me too!!! Here in this picture are show the most common keyboard shortcuts for creating a symbol!