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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LeBron James getting dunked on

BIG DEAL, First of all, he is NOT "A King", just a regular player like the rest. A King is someone like Michael Jordan, who has won title after title not to mention the break from NBA that he took, came back, and still won titles. If he thinks just because Nike made those clips with the James and Bryant puppets and because he got lucky with that last second three point shot against the Orlando Magic that he is "The King" he is terribly wrong. To be a King you not only have to have skills but you MUST be a disciplined person, and by walking out on the Magic after they won and declining press conference he dropped really, really low in my eyes and the eyes of many other fans of The NBA. James has to stop with the little pre-school girlie wining and grow a pair and start acting like a man. Now I know why Justin Timberlake wrote that song -Cry me a river- it was for the -Cry Baby James-. I for one know 100% that will never cheer for him ("The King").