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Friday, August 14, 2009

Miley Cyrus aka The Teen Whore

Once again Miley Cyrus shows how much she is "worth". It amuses me how middle aged women, especially the once who praise Oprah, go crazy when the is a slip up at The Super Bowl Half Time Show, but when there is something like Miley around that little children adore, everything is Okay. FYI The American Football is a -Man- sport, where players get hit and crazy/cool stuff happens. Ant when its The Super Bowl, which is only once a year, it is okay to have a nip/slip, or have Prince in a crazy pose. The girl first had nude pics spilled into the internet now she shows off her stripper moves. Look at the audience, the oldest kid probably is NOT a high school student. Now, why middle aged women don't protest that, and don't petition to Nickelodeon and other kid networks to ban her. Is this the type of "Idol" you want your kids to look up to?, a mini stripper and God know what else she is.