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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WardrobeDivas Fashion Show by Elvira Zamora

In early March 2012 my partner in crime Sharla of Clubbin'Productiions and I (owner of HIH Studios) were invited to the Wardrobe Divas Fashion Show by the designer herself Elvira Zamora to cover the event photo and video wise. The event was during the Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) and was held on the rooftop of Icon Ultra Lounge across the street from Staples Center in downtown L.A.. At the beginning as expected there was quiet a chaos while Barbara Jones of Bigoudi Salon was preparing the hairstyles of the models and final preparations for the night, however when the big hand hit "Show Time" everything and everyone was ready to kick of the fashion do's for 2012. The rooftop filled up nicely with over 200 people (not including paparazzi) and after everyone settled in the V.I.P. seats, the reserved booths, or just standing up around the podium with their favorite cocktail or drink from the well stocked bar, the fashion show began. All 12 models (some of which were Rebecca Lee Olejniczak, Arlene Sara, and Uzuri Amini) had 2 changes for the catwalk, the collection was simple yet elegant and -Summer time- was written all over it, nothing gypsy like at all. You can watch clip of the night which includes interviews as well as the models on the runway, below. For upgrading your closet visit Wardrobe Divas

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Levi's Men 501 Original Fit - BAD BUY

Recently bought 501 Original Fit straight leg button-fly from Levi's store in Beverly Hills and I must say I am extremely disappointed. In the fitting room they were very comfortable there was a nice room between the jeans and my leg, and had a very comfortable room around my waist, so I asked floor assistant if after washing they would shrink to make sure what size I should buy, and he said that they would a little length wise, so I bought W34 L32. After only 2 washes the jeans started to feel like skinny jeans, they have to have lost at least 2 sizes in the waist and the width as well as in the length. There is absolutely no way they can pass for W34 L32 after only 2 washes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pillow Guide for Dudes

This post might be stupid to some, but very useful to males like me. Being a dude is great, right until you have to do some fancy pants stuff like pillow shopping. So I found a store near me called Anna's Linens that sells basic home things went there and bought and bought the second expensive pillow of the five types that they had in stock which is made by California Feather Industries, Inc. I guess that the $19.99 or $21.74 total should have told me that there is a sham. The cover doesn't not feel like cotton at all, at a touch feels like a polyester or nylon, and when your head moves on it it makes too much crackling noise, pretty ingoing when you try to sleep. And second, when you rest your head on it, the lower part of the pillow goes down as well so there is absolutely no support for your neck. So when you shop for pillow/s keep in mind that the more down ( layer of fine feathers found under the tougher exterior feathers) the better, and it is strongly recommended to bring a female with you, having an expert always pays off well.