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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

In the name of FOOTBALL

As has been reported first by The INDEPENDENT first Fabio Capello head coach (manager) of England's national team in football (soccer) will not attend the wedding of his son Pierfilippo, 36, this coming Saturday, November 12th 2011, due to the fact that England's national team has a match against the current world champion Spain at Wembley Stadium. Actually the game was originally scheduled for Friday November 11th 2011 but Spain insisted that it was moved back so that the players from Barcelona F.C. can have more time to recover from Wednesdays's Copa del Rey game versus L'Hospitalet and therefore Capello will not be able to make it to his son's Pierfilippo wedding on Saturday. When asked what Pierfilippo thinks about that he told The Independent "absolutely not" a problem and that since Pierfilippo and his soon-to-be wife already have two kids together, strict Catholic Fabio Capello only considers the wedding a "formalizing" ceremony.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

USPS (Utterly Sloppy and Pathetic Service)

USPS at its finest
For three (3) weeks now USPS (Utterly Sloppy and Pathetic Service), USPS delivery personnel has thrown mine and nineteen (19) of my complex neighbors mail on the ground. Every year this people complain of how "low" they are paid, and how they deserve respect. Really? For what?. A carrier makes twenty-two dollars $22 or more (according to payscale.com) or thirty-eight thousand $38,000 or more (according to payscale.com) not to mention the bonuses and the government pensions and the government health insurance that they receive, also the numerous days that they have off. And for what so I have to dig my mail from the rest in a pail on the ground, which has been thrown like it is garbage, because some high school dropout low life can't put mail in a box (twenty 20 apartments in my complex). I demand that the carrier responsible for delivering the mail to the 1515 Purdue Ave. Los Angeles, California block is fired for incompetence. I also hope that people across United States will stop using the USPS (Utterly Sloppy and Pathetic Service) and use other services such as DHL or FedEx

Friday, November 04, 2011

Detroit fans want Nickelback booted out from the game

Detroit is the home of real men, the once that really know what -hard work- means, a true blue blood city and a city where sports are huge. And for the first time in years the Detroit Lions are a team to watch, and on this Thanksgiving day 2011 they are playing at home against the Super Bowl Champions the Green Bay Packers, which is a huge game. So when the "highly intelligent" -cough, cough- people in the NFL offices scheduled Nickelback to play at the half time show, the people of Detroit said -screw you, hell no, get lost, over my dead body, go to hell, etc.- and they started a petition for Nickelback to be removed, so far they have 31,555 signatures. Lions' head coach Jim Schwartz once tweeted "What I'm listening to on the way to the stadium" choices, and you'll see a lot of Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and much of the best of 1970s and 1980s arena rock. Also American Football is the most physical sport in the world, you have 200+ even 300+ punds grown man going after each other like it is a demolition derby, it is a true man sport game. You see Nickelback is one of those sissy bands that plays for the housewives and the dumb teenage girls, not a man band so they are NOT a fit for a city like Detroit or an American football game especially a one like the Lions against the Packers. I am sure that a city like Miami ( the home of bikinis, stupid people, strippers, porn, karaoke and everything fake) would love to have Nickelback.

Ghost inducted in a hall of fame

It is still mind blowing how on Earth can Sylvester Stallone a.k.a. "Rocky" be inducted in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. As we all know Stallone is an actor, he has never fought a single real life match. Rocky is a fictional individual aka Rocky does NOT EXIST, he is a FICTION, how can a non existing person be inducted into a prestige place such as the International Boxing Hall of Fame is beyond me.

Excellent online book stores

I have bought many books online over the years, and this two (2) are my top online book stores.
1st  Is the New Books Today
2nd Is the www.nerdbooks.com
They both have rich library, ship very fast, and they don't lie about the condition of their books.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

American Judicial System has failed

So Casey Anthony was found innocent of killing her own 2-year-old daughter. I want to congratulate the U.S. people for their extremely low level of intelligence particularly the people involved in Caylee's case. It appears that in the U.S. smoking weed or getting drunk is much more worse than killing a person. You smoke weed you go to jail, you get drunk you go to jail, you kill a person you open a champagne. I want to personally say THANK YOU to the U.S. Navy Seals for killing Osama Bin Laden and not bringing him in the country for justice, because he would have been found innocent in no time. In my opinion the fact that the mother didn't report her own daughter missing for 31 days sound a lot more like guilty rather than innocent. It would be nice to see the U.S. government actually caring about what is going on inside the country than play a super hero around the world. The people that actually executed the 9/11 plan where living in America for quite some time. Also is it possible for people to take the SAT test before they can be appointed as a jury, because it is very possible that most cases especially the once concerning murders may actually require intelligence, level of intelligence higher than 3+3=6 and 5x5=25. Everybody knows that that lady justice was Blind and Deaf, but evidently we need to add Stupid as well. Also why was Casey Anthony found guilty on four counts of lying to investigators if she was innocent, those four guilty mean that she did it, don't they? Anthony tattooed herself with the Italian words for "beautiful life" in the month that HER OWN daughter was missing states that this "mother" is better of and happy to be alone, and obviously if your child is missing or something "accidentally" has happened to him/her there is no need to call the police and/or ask people to help you in a search and rescue operation. What about the father of Anthony who more than obviously destroyed any clues of what really happens to body of Caylee, by tampering with the body of the toddler, and he is an ex police officer, honestly who makes an "accident" look like a murder, and why this former cop didn't call the police when he was done fabricating the fake murder? It is also known that if you are suspected of committing a crime and/or there is an investigation in which you are the main suspect or you are on of the main suspects that you will be held in jail as long as needed to be cleared, so why Anthony may walk free even after she has been found guilty in four (4) counts, isn't she supposed to be imprisoned for those 4 counts. Hopefully everyone will take a pledge to turn off any program that books/pays Cassie Anthony for an interview. I pledge not to buy any book or watch any program that would allow Anthony to make money from this situation.