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Sunday, December 16, 2012

LimoStudio 2000W Digital Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Light Kit

On November 26, 2012 I bought -LimoStudio 2000W Digital Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Light Kit- on Amazon.com. On Amazon.com it says that the product is sold by KimOutlet and that is fulfilled by Amazon. When I received the kit on all the paper work with it, it says (sold by Julius, INC.) and the only way to contact this company is through a Gmail e-mail. After I received the kit I put it together and found out that one of the five bulb sockets on one of the light holder adapters was not working, I tried different bulbs in hope that it is just a burned out bulb but not, the bulb socket was dead. I contacted Amazon since they are fulfilling the order, meaning they split 50/50 the responsibilities, and they offered free return shipping and full money refund. I bought this same photo lighting kit for the second time in hopes that this time everything will be fine. Not the case. After I put together the lights one of the bulbs on one of the lights caught on fire (literary) with smoke and horrible strong burned plastic smell. These lights use digital full spectrum light bulbs at 45 watts each and since they are photography bulbs they are expensive, the cheapest is $8 for one. I contacted Amazon again and they again offered me full refund and free return shipping, but what are the chances that 3rd time everything will be working fine, so I hanged up, and got on the phone with Amazon again and again. After 30 minutes on the phone with 4 different customer representatives they gave up and agreed to send me a one exactly the same photo light bulb for free with free shipping. I will never ever again buy anything from KimOutlet/Julius INC. or whatever the hell is the name of the company.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Garmin has a fantastic customer service!

2 months ago my Garmin Nuvi (Nüvi) 760 GPS broke after using it every day for 5 years. When I turned it on I could do anything with it, and worked fine for about 30 seconds, and then it would turn off on its own. I checked on Garmin.com to see if there are new firmware updates as the company often re-leases updates with hopes that perhaps new updates will fix the self shutting down. As I was checking for new updates for my device, I was shown a message on Garmin.com that my device has being re-called for technical issues, I filled a very simple online form and send it, within 1 hour I received an e-mail from Garmin with free shipping label and address to where to ship my not working GPS, and was told that it will take up to 3 weeks to either get my GPS back fixed. It took 4 weeks since Garmin doesn't work on week-ends, but I got a package with a letter, the letter says that since Garmin could not fix my device they are sending me a replacement, they send me Garmin Nuvi (Nüvi) 765. I am a very happy Garmin customer!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

So Close music video for punk rock band PISS ANT

In late August Josi Kat invited me (Hristomir Hristov) to be cinematographer for her music band PISS ANT's latest song called SO CLOSE. Josi had a great vision for the video, she wanted me to shoot it as a 1940s Fetish Style Film Noir. On October 6th 2012 the video won Best Music Video award at the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival. The cast is comprised of: Reyna De Fuego, Helly Helvetested (Helly Mae Hellfire), Nurse Heather, Josi Kat, Mark White (Gothcomedian), Elizabeth Aston (Miss Elizadeath), Gabrielle Herendeen, Miss Sarah Hayden Christine, Eli Brooks, Cheyne Wilson Bastard.