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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Floyd's 99 barber shop

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4
Recently I went to Floyd's 99 barber shop, the franchise has a barbershop located at 11431 Santa Monica Blvd. (Boulevard) Los Angeles, California 90025. Picture #1 is the example I showed to their stylist Morgan R. Pictures #2, #3, #4 show how I was cut. I wanted to be smooth cut, not sharp lines and contrast as you can see in Picture #2, I was charged $30 on top of the incompetent work. I will NEVER again use the services of Floyd's 99 barbershop nor I recommend to anybody to go to them for a cut.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

So So Happy USB Flash Drive

So So Happy brand has announced their own 2GB and 4GB USB Flash Drive, also check out their website for other cool stuff such ass tee's, bags, clothing, hats, plush toys, stickers and many more