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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why U.S.A. is where it is?

I thing that part of the problem is that the people only talk butdon't walk (talk the talk, walk the walk), I thing the government has toomany powers, and the electoral college should be doomed, come to thingpeople elected Bush once and then twice, just because his daddy"stopped" the cold war, in my opinion Ronald Reagan did it no Bush Sr. also a lot of people protested in the last presidential elections butwhen time came it was clear the Bush Jr. will win.Which makes people who (know) and (thing) invisible from the crowed.Reagan is the only U.S president that I respect.

One of my friends (2McAbre) said:
“The largest problem with people is that they are simply too afraid to doanything. If they did, things would change, their lives would then bedifferent then they are now. Bush Jr. is only trying to win his fathers approval. Most all of what he hasdone has been towards that goal. If you recall his father was embarrassedonce by Saddam, who did his little boy target? Saddam got him pulled downin the name of "Terrorism". What is truly needed in the US is another civil war, we need to oust thecurrent government and start it over from scratch. Get back to the basicsand start living our lives in accordance with the Constitution, rewrite manyof the old and outdated laws that govern us now and begin following thepreamble of the constitution. It is "We the People in order to form a more perfect Union." Not Mr. Bushwanting to get his daddy to tell him he did a good job or lobbyists fromthis or that group wanting to get their projects in line.It has always been the intent that "WE" lead, "WE" govern, and "WE" decidewhat is best for us.That means it is now time for "US" to get rid of the electoral vote and makeit so the popular vote and ONLY the popular vote decides who gets intooffice. Major policies MUST also be subjected to popular vote. I do honestly believe that crude oil and its shortages will be the catalystthat will change the way the world politics are setup and will bring about aneed for more unified "World" leaders, not independent presidents, queens, kings, etc. We have many interesting times ahead of us for sure. You are correct in that many people (those who are aware and have theability to use common sense) tend to become invisible in crowds.I have spent years doing exactly what I did the other day. Posting in forumsand getting the attention of some, maybe even getting a few eyes to open orminds to start thinking.”

I personally thing that the biggest problem in nowadays is that people don't "stand up". You said that Bush Jr. is trying to win "daddy's approval" I thingdaddy is being the president of U.S. yet again through his son. Toomany people are giving credit to Bush Sr. such as the Cold War withthe Soviet Union. I don't recall the "feelings between Bush Sr. and Saddam". U.S. truly need a civil war with it's government, I thing the constitution is good the way it is, howeverthe amendment have to be rewritten all 27 of them, it is a pure shamefor your founding father what is going on right now, they have foughtwith tariffs, boycotts, have created parties such as The Boston TeaParty, I said your founding father because I am from Bulgaria (southeast Europe) and came here 5 years ago, now people thing ofnothing but themselves, as you know many paragraphs of theconstitution start with "We the people" or give the majority power to"The People". In the 90s the people from my country and me startedprotest meeting for about 5 months in the middle of the winter tooverthrow the Communist government and we succeeded. Another thing I don't understand why people can't vote for thing likeabortion or gay right. In nowadays people are so cruel that if you don't have new shoos everysix month you suck, or you don't buy new clothes every week you arebroke, it is better for a family to have an abortion if they are notready for a baby than to have to raise it in such environment whichcan cause psychological disorders, also many males pull out of arelationship after they find out that they are about to be fathers andI don't thing it is easy for a woman to rise a child alone, manyfemales in New York ting allot for their careers but they have sex andhave good chance to get pregnant which means that those kids are about be alone with babysitter or nannies probably 18 hours a day.Also it is very unlikely that a male or female says that they don'tlike something about the other gender and now they are gays, 90% ofthe gays and most likely more than those gays are born, it is in thesex genes. I thing that not excepting gays is a type of sexualharassment. They are dangerous as we are. If you have noticed the people that are confessing that they are gay are prosperous people,not people from under the bridge, and I thing gay marriage should belegalized in all countries around the world. I also agree that what is happening concerning Mother Nature is aresult to how we treat her. (You get treated the way you tread). Somescientists say that the icebergs would be gone by 2050; I would besurprised if it gets that long.

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