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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do NOT rent with PBMMGMT

I am writing this to give you a valuable information for the times when you are looking to rent or buy an apartment with this company PBMMGMT aka PBM Quality Apt Homes. I have been a customer of theirs for year and half, and had lots of problems with them. When you rent/buy new place you expect that the place is vacant and it has been cleaned and whatever is being broken is fixed, right?, WRONG. When I moved in there were no light bulbs nor any shower head in the bathrooms, also a lot of the blinds were missing so I called them, and they did come to see the problem AFTER A WHOLE WEEK of waiting, and then they came to actually fix the problems, like I was lying to them. Their garage in underground, and because their DRAINS ARE CLOGGED, water doesn't drain, so you walk in knees high water to get to your car, so I complained, they NEVER CLEANED THE DRAINS OUT. Later on I lost hot water in one of the bathrooms, so I called, they came after 3 days, they checked and said that something was wrong with the pipes so they had to change them, well guess what, I DIDN'T HAVE HOT WATER FOR 5 MONTHS, I have bills from my phone company in which you can see how many times I have called them to come and fix it. So I finally fixed the problem and MOVED OUT.
Way too many problems with them to be just bad luck.
If you love/respect yourself and your money, my advice is DON'T WORK WITH THAT COMPANY.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. And they discriminate against minority applicants (particularly Arfican-Americans) as well. Do not rent from PBM Management!