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Friday, November 04, 2011

Detroit fans want Nickelback booted out from the game

Detroit is the home of real men, the once that really know what -hard work- means, a true blue blood city and a city where sports are huge. And for the first time in years the Detroit Lions are a team to watch, and on this Thanksgiving day 2011 they are playing at home against the Super Bowl Champions the Green Bay Packers, which is a huge game. So when the "highly intelligent" -cough, cough- people in the NFL offices scheduled Nickelback to play at the half time show, the people of Detroit said -screw you, hell no, get lost, over my dead body, go to hell, etc.- and they started a petition for Nickelback to be removed, so far they have 31,555 signatures. Lions' head coach Jim Schwartz once tweeted "What I'm listening to on the way to the stadium" choices, and you'll see a lot of Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and much of the best of 1970s and 1980s arena rock. Also American Football is the most physical sport in the world, you have 200+ even 300+ punds grown man going after each other like it is a demolition derby, it is a true man sport game. You see Nickelback is one of those sissy bands that plays for the housewives and the dumb teenage girls, not a man band so they are NOT a fit for a city like Detroit or an American football game especially a one like the Lions against the Packers. I am sure that a city like Miami ( the home of bikinis, stupid people, strippers, porn, karaoke and everything fake) would love to have Nickelback.

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