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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

USPS (Utterly Sloppy and Pathetic Service)

USPS at its finest
For three (3) weeks now USPS (Utterly Sloppy and Pathetic Service), USPS delivery personnel has thrown mine and nineteen (19) of my complex neighbors mail on the ground. Every year this people complain of how "low" they are paid, and how they deserve respect. Really? For what?. A carrier makes twenty-two dollars $22 or more (according to payscale.com) or thirty-eight thousand $38,000 or more (according to payscale.com) not to mention the bonuses and the government pensions and the government health insurance that they receive, also the numerous days that they have off. And for what so I have to dig my mail from the rest in a pail on the ground, which has been thrown like it is garbage, because some high school dropout low life can't put mail in a box (twenty 20 apartments in my complex). I demand that the carrier responsible for delivering the mail to the 1515 Purdue Ave. Los Angeles, California block is fired for incompetence. I also hope that people across United States will stop using the USPS (Utterly Sloppy and Pathetic Service) and use other services such as DHL or FedEx

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