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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Airbus A380 worth more than a human life!

Photo By � Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters/Reuters
Although new cracks were found in the wings of the world's newest and largest passenger jetliner Airbus A380 superjubmo, Airbus insists that the A380 is safe to fly, though an engineering union has said that Airbus was downplaying the issue and some Asian airlines have stated that they would develop inspection programs.
This is the second time in few weeks that hairline cracks have been discovered inside the mammoth double-decker jet, which began service four years ago, these finds are expected to lead to expanded safety checks.
Airbus said the cracks were found on numerous of "non-critical" brackets inside the wings of two aircraft during routine two-year inspections, after similar flaws were found in five other aircraft in early January. Airbus have also said that the cracks did not prevent the A380 from flying safely, however the Australian engineering body which makes routine servicing and engine checks on the A380 operated by Qantas Airways said Airbus's reaction was concerning.
"They (Airbus) have described these as tiny cracks, but every crack starts off as a tiny crack and they can grow very quickly," stated Stephen Purvinas, Federal Secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association. " I would be worried that Airbus aren't taking seriously the ever increasing number of cracks being found in the wings of their A380 aircraft. Put it this way, I wouldn't put my family on an A380 at the moment" he said.
In November 2010 in a flight from Singapore a Quantas A380 was damaged by an engine blowout shortly after take off.
All this makes me curious about how much exactly is the price tag of a human life according to Airbus, and why the company has not grounded any of the superjumbos for a complete check?

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