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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cleaning wipes for you electronics, review

The Garbage:
On the can, it says "Pre-Moistened, Dries Streak-Free". That is when the can is new (unopened), two weeks after this can was purchased from Fry's Electronics there was no moisture left anywhere in this can. And yes after taking a wipe out the cap was closed tight. Also even when the wipes were wet at the very beginning, a wipe will completely dry out in about 10 seconds after taking it out. Endust wipes also leave very visible streak of residue. And if that is not bad enough, the wipes also leave behind an enormous amount of lint particles, so after you have "cleaned" with a Endust wipe, you still have to clean your electronic/s

The Okay:
Even two months after purchasing this Windex wipes from the local Ralphs grocery store, they are still well moist. The Windex wipes tent to leave slight streak of residue on the screens of electronics, as well as break some tint particles loose.

The Best:
Read Right
The Read Right (RR) package offers 10 twin packs, 10 wet and 10 dry pads. This wiping pads, are by far the best, after 8 different brands were used. The tight seal of the packages keeps the wet pads wet for months, the moisture is gone almost immediately from the screens, leaving it clean and streak free, with no residue, and also no lint particles are left behind. This pads have been used on laptop screen, regular monitors, touch screen smart phones, LCD TVs, etc. and are simply amazing wipes.

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