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Monday, May 01, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith finally wins!!!

Born in Houston, Texas as Vickie Lynn Hogan on Nveomber 28, 1967, better known as Anna Nicole Smith. And on Monday May 1st 2006 after lengthy fight with the U.S. court system and E. Pierce Marshall, Smith got her justice. It is true that it was a type of prostitution (when she meried J. Howard Marshall, she was 26 an he 89) and whe all know girls or fimales don't just maried an older guy especially when the age difference is 63 years whitout a reason (and love as a reason in such age difference should be called mirracle, I thing) and what a better reason than money or just a few million bucks (pocket change). Also I believe it is true that she barelly live with him while they were married. However they were married and in split no matter what kind both sides should get something, at least that is what the law sais (my opinion is screw the other side- I get 100% you get nada (zero, nothing, air, dream on, and so on), but the law is the big stack of paper that controls al of us, all the countries, and I believe the entire universe. My point is that prostitution or not by law Vickie Lynn Hogan or Anna Nicole Smith deserves her peace of the pie.

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