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Monday, May 01, 2006

You must respect the rules of the country you are living in.

Today May/01/2006 many people are protesting the new immigration laws and mostly the rules concerning the illegal immigrants. It is true that everything big thing has began from very low level, just like the U.S. and other country's economy; their economy is mostly dependent on thing like construction, mechanics, and other jobs that require only a low level of education; and it is also true that some of those workers with basic level of education are illegal immigrants. However those refugees are illegal because they are in a country without any legal document or their country has political issues whit the country they illegally immigrated in, and nobody forced them against their will to come to that country. So why do you snick in a foreign country work as illegal immigrant and earn low income and instead of immigrating the good (legal) way; with legal paper. That way you can help others com to your new country too. I don't thing sneaker should have the right to say or vote in the new country and should complain no matter what the concern is. You should be treated with the respect of which you tread other or a country in this matter. Also if you don't like the rules in your new home (country) then what the hell are you doing here, why you don’t just go back to where you came from. You have no right to turn any country upside down just because you don't like it (or because the rules are tough, they are tough because you are ILLIGAL). Today many people are trying to turn United Stated of America on of the most generous and intelligent countries in the world in to Mexico or Cuba or other country. Your are the one that came in without being forced against your will, therefore you MUST respect the rule for better or for worst, other wise go back to where you came from, and shut the hell your mouth.

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